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[audio]Nikita-FIELD-[nchr002] - Nikita
NIKITA-Field-[nchroo2] "Nikita, born 1956, lives and works in Düsseldorf (hometown of Kraftwerk), Germany. He was a double-bass player, before he became a freelance graphic-designer and multimedia-artist. Influenced by minimal music, post-structuralism and blaxploitation, he got into the electronic scene in year 2000. His music is comprised of recorded improvisations on repetative and unexpected machine effects and samples, with a flavour of the early 70's Miles Davis...
Keywords: Ambient; Minimal; Free Jazz; Improv
Downloads: 1,673
[audio]Nikita - Random Sea [adt004] - NIkita
e-Jazz, Future Jazz
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 884
[audio]Nikita - Field [nsh074] - Nikita
Field, the sophomore Nishi release from Nikita, continues the theme of minimal rhythms established first time round. Glitches and microscopic precision never sounded so soulful.
Keywords: Electronic; Minimalism; Glitch
Downloads: 2,174
[audio]Nikita - Random Sea [NSH054] - Nikita
Random Sea by Nikita. A three-track glitchpopclickjazz extravaganza that isn't going to sit on your hands for change.
Keywords: Electronic; Experimental
Downloads: 2,590
[image]Random Sea - Nikita

Downloads: 19
[audio]August Rush - Nikita
Random goings-on in my brain
Keywords: music
Downloads: 116
[image]Машина - NikitA

Downloads: 452
[movies]CheBV - Nikita Smorkalov
didjeridoo, keys & Djambey
Keywords: music sound love
Downloads: 8
[texts]On a Duality in Calogero-Moser-Sutherland Systems - Nikita Nekrasov
We point out a map between the dynamics of a non-relativistic system of $N$ particles in one dimension interacting via the pair-wise potentials $U_I(q) = (\nu^2/4R^2)\sin^2(q/2R)$ and the one of the particles with the pair potential $U_{II}(q) = \nu^2/q^2$ and the external potential $U_{ext} = \omega^2 q^2/2$. The natural relation between the frequency $\omega$ and the radius $R$ is: $\omega R = 1$.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Five Dimensional Gauge Theories and Relativistic Integrable Systems - Nikita Nekrasov
We propose a non-perturbative solution of N=2 supersymmetric gauge theory in five dimensions compactified on circle of a radius $R$. We consider the cases of the pure gauge theory as well as the theories with matter in the fundamental and in the adjoint representations. The pure theory as well as the one with adjoint hypermultiplet give rise to the known relativistic integrable systems with ${1\over{R}}$ playing the r\^ole of the speed of light...
Downloads: 3
[texts]An arithmetic group associated with a Pisot unit and its symbolic-dynamical representatiom - Nikita Sidorov
To a given Pisot unit $\beta$ we associate a finite abelian group whose size appears to be equal to the discriminant of $\beta$. We call it the Pisot group and find its representation in the two-sided $\beta$-compactum in the case of $\beta$ satisfying the relation $Fin(\beta)=\Bbb Z[\beta]\cap[0,1)$. As a motivation for the definition, we show that the Pisot group is the kernel of some important arithmetic coding of the toral automorphism given by the companion matrix naturally associated with ...
Downloads: 1
[audio]rain falls - Nikita Moiseyev
ukrainian song
Keywords: song nikitaka
Downloads: 23
[audio]Google inc financial details - Nikita Desmet
We all know Google and we use it a lot, but what about the fianncial details?
Keywords: Google Inc
Downloads: 21
[texts]Arithmetic Dynamics - Nikita Sidorov
This survey paper is aimed to describe a relatively new branch of symbolic dynamics which we call Arithmetic Dynamics. It deals with explicit arithmetic expansions of reals and vectors that have a "dynamical" sense. This means precisely that they (semi-) conjugate a given continuous (or measure-preserving) dynamical system and a symbolic one. The classes of dynamical systems and their codings considered in the paper involve: (1) Beta-expansions, i.e., the radix expansions in non-integer bases; (...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Lectures on curved beta-gamma systems, pure spinors, and anomalies - Nikita Nekrasov
The curved beta-gamma system is the chiral sector of a certain infinite radius limit of the non-linear sigma model with complex target space. Naively it only depends on the complex structures on the worldsheet and the target space. It may suffer from the worldsheet and target space diffeomorphism anomalies. We analyze the curved beta-gamma system on the space of pure spinors, aiming to verify the consistency of Berkovits covariant superstring quantization...
Downloads: 4
[audio]last letter final - Nikita Moiseyev
final theme for feature @Last letter@
Keywords: music movie
Downloads: 45
[audio]last letter V2 - Nikita Moiseyev
Keywords: Mudaki last letter
Downloads: 34
[texts]Supercritical holes for the doubling map - Nikita Sidorov
For a map $S:X\to X$ and an open connected set ($=$ a hole) $H\subset X$ we define $\mathcal J_H(S)$ to be the set of points in $X$ whose $S$-orbit avoids $H$. We say that a hole $H_0$ is supercritical if (i) for any hole $H$ such that $\bar{H_0}\subset H$ the set $\mathcal J_H(S)$ is either empty or contains only fixed points of $S$; (ii) for any hole $H$ such that $\barH\subset H_0$ the Hausdorff dimension of $\mathcal J_H(S)$ is positive...
Downloads: 2
[audio]likamba dabalia - Nikita Moiseyev
song likamba dabalia
Keywords: song
Downloads: 58
[audio]pozitiff master - Nikita Moiseyev
pisitiv theme for AIDS documentary
Keywords: AIDS
Downloads: 15
[audio]ECHO - Tripcast001 - Nikita Eremin
TRIPCAST by ECHO ECHO Universal story ECHO Track_2 ECHO Track_3 ECHO Track_4 Written by Eremin Nikita adiom@list.ru http://www.myspace.com/oceantriprecords Saint-Petersburg, 2009 Astrakhan, 2010
Keywords: minimal; ocean; trip
Downloads: 81
[audio]to hear the spring - Nikita Moiseyev
ukrainian song
Keywords: music nikitaka
Downloads: 44
[audio]Mudaki Titry - Nikita Moiseyev
music for the score "Mudaki"
Keywords: Mudaki
Downloads: 50
[audio]Taxist Cows End - Nikita Moiseyev
final theme from "Taxist" feature
Keywords: Taxist
Downloads: 48
[texts]Motivic construction of cohomological invariants - Nikita Semenov
Let G be a group of type E_8 over the field of rational numbers, which becomes a compact Lie group over the field of real numbers. Let K be a field of characteristic 0, and q the 5-fold Pfister form which is the sum of 32 squares. J.-P. Serre posed in a letter to M. Rost written on June 23, 1999 the following problem: Is it true that G_K is split if and only if q_K is hyperbolic? In the present article we construct a cohomological invariant of degree 5 for groups of type E_8 with trivial Rost in...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Google Inc financial data - Nikita Desmet
We all know Google but what about the financial data of this company?
Keywords: Google
Downloads: 4
[audio]last letter - Nikita Moiseyev
Keywords: Mudaki
Downloads: 50
[texts]Z Theory - Nikita Nekrasov
We present the evidence for the existence of the topological string analogue of M-theory, which we call Z-theory. The corners of Z-theory moduli space correspond to the Donaldson-Thomas theory, Kodaira-Spencer theory, Gromov-Witten theory, and Donaldson-Witten theory. We discuss the relations of Z-theory with Hitchin's gravities in six and seven dimensions, and make our own proposal, involving spinor generalization of Chern-Simons theory of three-forms...
Downloads: 3
[audio]taxist slow theme - Nikita Moiseyev
taxist slow theme
Keywords: taxist
Downloads: 157
[audio]Pianizm VIL - Nikita Moiseyev
calm theme for AIDS documentary
Keywords: AIDS
Downloads: 32
[audio]Taxist Wedding - Nikita Moiseyev
wedding dreazm from "Taxist" feature
Keywords: Taxist
Downloads: 36
[audio]Taxist Rain - Nikita Moiseyev
rain theme from "Taxist"
Keywords: Taxist
Downloads: 37
[audio]Mudaki d-moll - Nikita Moiseyev
d-moll prelude for "Mudaki"
Keywords: Mudaki
Downloads: 33
[audio]smile for Kyivstar - Nikita Moiseyev
music for Kyivstar Ad
Keywords: ad TV
Downloads: 63
[texts]Manifoldic homology and Chern-Simons formalism - Nikita Markarian
The aim of this note is to define for any $e_n$-algebra $A$ and a compact parallelizable n-manifold $M$ without borders a morphism from the homology of homotopy Lie algebra $A[n-1]$ to the topological chiral homology of $M$ with coefficients in $A$. This map plays a crucial role in the perturbative Chern-Simons theory.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Optimizing Properties of Balanced Words - Nikita Sidorov
In the past few decades there has been a good deal of papers which are concerned with optimization problems in different areas of mathematics (along 0-1 words, finite or infinite) and which yield - sometimes quite unexpectedly - balanced words as optimal. In this note we list some key results along these lines known to date.
Downloads: 6
[audio]pawspaws - Ghostly Existance And Sick Teenage Dreams (LP, 2013) [SCL042] - Nikita Sokolov
At the end of this not so spring March, pawspaws us again please. But this time vintage synthesizers and drum machines were replaced with an acoustic guitar. Beautiful songs where sweet melodies intertwine with the melancholy, embellished lo-fi an esthetics. Which will help to brighten up your loneliness and to meet rather warm spring days.
Keywords: Twee-pop; Songwriting; acoustic; lo-fi; ipad; DIY; indie-pop; netlabel; Russia
Downloads: 86
[audio]litho ambient - Nikita Moiseyev
lithophone theme
Keywords: ambient
Downloads: 72
[texts]Revision of the key characters for the Thricops nigrifrons species-group (Diptera, Muscidae) - Nikita Vikhrev
An analysis of key characters for the separation of Thricops nigrifrons and T. longipes (Diptera, Muscidae) is given. A revised key for T. nigrifrons and related species, including two species recently described from the Caucasus, is proposed.
Keywords: Thricops nigrifrons; Thricops longipes; Diptera; Muscidae; key
Downloads: 22
[audio]3 Plays For Mechanical Water And Electrical Sky - Nikita Golyshev
Part of the CONSUME BUY 2006 series of limited run cdrs that were available only during 2006, then promptly discontinued.
Keywords: Musique Concrète; Experimental
Downloads: 129
[audio]Bajjjan - Longisland / Teslatower [bump070] - Nikita Antonov
Bajjjan's second release, but this time from bump side. They showed us another ability toward electronic music, with these two deep and subtle, atmospheric techno tracks, "Longisland" and "Teslatower".
Keywords: Electronic; Techno; Experimental
Downloads: 3,455
[texts]Exponential decay of semigroups for second order non-selfadjoint linear differential equations - Nikita Artamonov
The Cauchy problem for second order linear differential equation $u''(t)+Du'(t)+Au(t)=0$ in Hilbert space $H$ with a sectorial operator $A$ and an accretive operator $D$ is studied. Sufficient conditions for exponential decay of the solutions are obtained.
Downloads: 8
[audio]lullaby - Nikita Moiseyev
for film "Globus"
Keywords: OST; ambient
Downloads: 83
[texts]New data on the distribution and biology of the invasive species Hydrotaea aenescens (Wiedemann, 1830) (Diptera, Muscidae) - Nikita Vikhrev
Introduced from the New World, H. aenescens has spread rapidly in Europe. This paper reports new records of H. aenescens from Eastern Europe. Among these records, the one from the far north of European Russia is the most remarkable. New data on the seasonal activity and mating behaviour of H. aenescens are also given. A peak of H. aenescens imago activity in southern Turkey takes place during very early spring...
Keywords: Hydrotaea aenescens; Diptera; Muscidae; invasive species; introduced species; faunistic records; mating behaviour; courtship; phenology; seasonal activity; Russia; Turkey
Downloads: 27
[texts]Topological characterization of canonical Thurston obstructions - Nikita Selinger
Let f be an obstructed Thurston map with canonical obstruction \Gamma_f. We prove the following generalization of Pilgrim's conjecture: if the first-return map F of a periodic component C of the topological surface obtained from the sphere by pinching the curves of \Gamma_f is a Thurston map then the canonical obstruction of F is empty. Using this result, we give a complete topological characterization of canonical Thurston obstructions.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Holomorphic Bundles and Many-Body Systems - Nikita Nekrasov
We show that spin generalization of elliptic Calogero-Moser system, elliptic extension of Gaudin model and their cousins can be treated as a degenerations of Hitchin systems. Applications to the constructions of integrals of motion, angle-action variables and quantum systems are discussed. Explicit formulas for the Lax operator on the higher genus surfaces are obtained in the Shottky parameterization...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Lovushka Chase - Nikita Moiseyev
chase theme for "Lovushka" feature
Keywords: Lovushka
Downloads: 120
[texts]The Atiyah class, Hochschild cohomology and the Riemann-Roch theorem - Nikita Markarian
We develop a formalism involving Atiyah classes of sheaves on a smooth manifold, Hochschild chain and cochain complexes. As an application we prove a version of the Riemann--Roch theorem.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Option Pricing Model Based on a Markov-modulated Diffusion with Jumps - Nikita Ratanov
The paper proposes a class of financial market models which are based on inhomogeneous telegraph processes and jump diffusions with alternating volatilities. It is assumed that the jumps occur when the tendencies and volatilities are switching. We argue that such a model captures well the stock price dynamics under periodic financial cycles. The distribution of this process is described in detail. For this model we obtain the structure of the set of martingale measures...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Thurston's pullback map on the augmented Teichmüller space and applications - Nikita Selinger
Let $f$ be a postcritically finite branched self-cover of a 2-dimensional topological sphere. Such a map induces an analytic self-map $\sigma_f$ of a finite-dimensional Teichm\"uller space. We prove that this map extends continuously to the augmented Teichm\"uller space and give an explicit construction for this extension. This allows us to characterize the dynamics of Thurston's pullback map near invariant strata of the boundary of the augmented Teichm\"uller space...
Downloads: 1
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